Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer Awareness Month.

"October month is designated as Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer Awareness month. Eisai India organized various programs to raise awareness on both Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer."

Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer Awareness Month.

World Alzheimer's Month

Eisai India observed the World Alzheimer's month in September 2021 by encouraging all to participate in "Selfie with Senior" campaign by posting their selfies on the "Right to Remember" page on Facebook. Eisai India facilitated awareness programs on Alzheimer’s for the senior citizens and their caregivers throughout the month of September.


Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

During the Thyroid Cancer Awareness month in September Eisai India raised Thyroid cancer awareness on the social media platforms about what causes Thyroid cancer and the means to detect them.


Covid Vaccination Drive

Employees, their family members and the support staff at Eisai India were vaccinated at Vizag and Mumbai locations. The company ensured that employees and their family members are vaccinated throughout the country.


World MS Day

Eisai India facilitated various awareness programs on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through experts. Awareness programs were around the problems associated with the condition. Eisai India also celebrated the contribution of its unsung heroes who have been working seamlessly towards bettering the lives of MS Patients through their different roles in EISAI or REACH Program.


Important Announcement

Dr. Sanjit Singh Lamba, Ms. Sayoko Sasaki, Mr. Katsuya Tagami, Mr. Junichi Asatani and Mr. Hidehiro Miyake, have resigned as Directors from the Board of the Company with effect from 11th November, 2019, 26th June, 2020, 29th June, 2020, 30th June, 2020 and 1st October, 2020, respectively.

Mr. Yoshiteru Kato, Director, of the Company has resigned with effect from 31st July, 2021.

Mr. Tetsuya Oishi has resigned from his position as Managing Director and Director with effect from the conclusion of 14th Annual General Meeting of the Company held on 22nd September, 2021.

Eisai India organized voluntary blood donation camp

Eisai India organized a "Voluntary Blood Donation Camp" at our Vizag Plant in partnership with "AS Raja Voluntary Blood Bank" on 23rd July 2019. This drive witnessed around 122 employees coming forward for the noble cause donating close to 106 units of blood. hashtag#OneEisai hashtag#humanhealthcare


Eisai India spreading awareness on Air Pollution

The theme for World Environment Day 2019 was hashtag#BeatAirPollution. On this day, our Vizag Team chose to spread awareness about Air Pollution making all consider how one can change everyday lives to reduce the amount of air pollution that is produced. Planting trees and cleaning beaches at Vizag were few other activities done as a part of the World Environment Day


Eisai India is a great people managers company

Eisai Pharmaceuticals India has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Companies with Great People Managers by Great Manager Institute.